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 Post subject: Skill interactions and stacked effects
PostPosted: Thu Mar 14, 2019 11:24 pm 

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I have a few (more then a few really) questions for how some of the skills/spells/items interact with each other. Some of these I have gotten answers for already but here is a place everyone can see.

#1 The fear effect: if fight is the chosen effect the player ( Fight - Target is taunted and can only attack for 10 seconds).
--A-- Does this mean that the effected player CAN NOT defend at all?
--B-- Would this also hold true for taunt? (Taunt - Affected target must attack the caster for 5 seconds or as noted by the skill.)
--C-- Can another compulsion "over write" fear or other Compulsions. IE someone takes a "fear" and starts running away. Another players targets the feared player with "Suggestion" (Spell, target follows a single command for up to 1 minute may not be commanded to attack someone or hurt themselves) and gives the command to "act as normal". Would this "fix" the feared player until hit buy a new effect?

#2 "Keen" gathering skills: Gain 5 "X items" once per event during your hex action. Must have submitted your hex action on time.
--A-- Actions that are not gathering (letters,Research,Explore, use building), are they all counted in these skills?
--B-- Do all of these skills stack?
--C-- Are the items just in the player bag just like other gathering items would be?

#3 Are "once per recoup" based skills "free" spell slots?
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