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 Post subject: September Highlights 2018
PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2018 12:42 am 
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 Post subject: Re: September Highlights 2018
PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2018 12:55 am 

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Okay so here is my big unwind post:

This was my very first LARP. I had no idea what to expect coming in but I was pleasantly surprised. Everyone was so warm and welcoming! I can't say enough kind things about all the characters who came forward and helped me get immersed into my new character. I also was super greatful for how excited about my Fortune Teller you all were! It really made me happy that you all liked/appreciated the hardwork I put behind creating the Fortune Deck~
I wanted to just mention a couple of my favorite moments:

1.) Making 3 copper before noon, AND before handing in my skill sheet as a character, and the response of "HOW?" when I exclaimed I didn't need a walk-in into town because I'd already been making money~ lmao.
2.) The general look of shock/ being dumbfounded by nearly every person who had their fortune read by Ginger.
4.) Yoshi's fortune being read explaining to him he needed to slow down and take care of himself. 1 hour later he's apparently dead 'cause he got himself killed for the sake of others....
5.) Yoshi screaming, "I DON'T TRUST FORTUNE TELLERS!" upon his return and telling Ginger more about his back story.
6.) Multiple cheeses.
7.) Ginger and Tashka being protected by the Coconuts in the Grove.
8.) "Spontaneous"
9.) Sitting in on the final story plot mod of the evening and being told Ginger was given more lore in one sitting then the average person in two years of game?!

I still can't get over how warm and welcoming everyone was! I'm super pumped to have become part of such a cool group and I can't wait for next month to have Ginger even more fleshed out and involved :)
 Post subject: Re: September Highlights 2018
PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2018 12:58 pm 

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This weekend was incredible!

Definite highlights for Tashka:
- Seeing all of the newcomers jump right in and add to the in-world experience (seriously, you all were amazing to rp with!)
- Meeting and befriending one of the newcomers to town, Ginger. I can't wait to find out where our dynamic will lead us on future adventures.
- Djinn-Corner!
- Cultivating inn-spiring ideas.
- Meeting the enthusiastic alchemists
- Sophie's Solutions and Liar's Dice
- Being sneaky-sneaky and popping in and out of people's range of sight.
- "Team High-Five" and the awesome Saturday mod.
- Spontaneous

NPC Highlights:
- Working together as Voidkin and snaking our way down to meet combat.
- Spider tunnel!
- The brave Cicada-Killer Mercenaries
 Post subject: Re: September Highlights 2018
PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2018 4:45 pm 
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I want to begin my highlight with pointing out some awesome players and the amazing staff we have! There were several new players this event that it was not only their first time to FD but their first LARP ever. But imo, you would never have guessed this unless you asked them because they had awesome costumes, roleplayed phenomenally, and were just great to play with! I'd also like to say what an awesome job Tyler did at playing his alt and the first player Mungo this weekend. The costume looked amazing and his roleplay was so spot on and enjoyable to interact with and even just fun to watch! Katherine was an awesome dwarf and her kit was insanely good. I told Pete she looked like artwork from a D&D book which was awesome to see in person. Lizzie's character was awesome! Loved the shield and the face makeup was unique and looked amazing! And thanks to Mike, Collin, and Tim for helping me to get my first mining tool upgrade... after one year of playing :P

Staff was amazing and I want to say a special awesome job to Peter and Joe for writing the majority of the plot and mods that out this event! I hope they were as fantastic for everyone as they were for myself! And to Joseph for being a kick ass orc chieftain and having to wear that body suit all weekend. Thanks to Dennis Brittany and Jacob for being part of the title mod Friday night and Patrick on Saturday. A lot of people to thank for helping to plan/coordinate/prep for the main mod battle. At least to me it felt like we worked together as a community well and I missed that over the break. Thanks to Team cleanse for managing the seal even in the chaos of battle with a huge stone jaguar knocking us around. Huge thanks to Evan for picking me up after finishing work late, car pooling with me across the state, making me laugh and healing my ass all weekend!!

Now then, some highlights! (Just some, hard to think of a bad moment this weekend!!)

-Meeting new players and catching up with old friends in the inn while we waited for our missing companions to return.
-The different temples we explored in the Orc empire was really cool. Staff did a great job of working with places where we've run mods dozens of times and mixing it up to create new experiences.
-Getting my Title and working with Yoshi to overcome our trial together. One of the toughest and rewarding fights I've ever had.
-Tons of great lore and even more questions as we learn new things to unravel more mysteries of this "new" land... :P
-Taking pics and vids for the dwarf mod was awesome to get to watch it and one of the coolest mod bosses I've seen.
-Playing the water fae outside the one temple was fun and being a huge tidal wave to chase the pc's out was maybe one of my all time highlights of larping haha
-Becoming the first orc paragon, Child of the Planet, was an honor and could not have done it without the awesome players and community of Port Harmony!
-Prepping for the final battle felt like everyone was working together and helping out, offering support and suggestions and coming up with a plan. Usually I'm not the biggest fan of that part, but maybe because it was an orc mod or I'm more comfortable around everyone now, it was exciting to prepare and see what would happen.
-The final fight was awesome and Jacob did an awesome job kicking us around and making us work for it, big time. Great finish to an amazing weekend!

Thanks all and hope to see you again soon!

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 Post subject: Re: September Highlights 2018
PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2018 9:02 pm 

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Hey Guys!

So this was my first time at FD as well as LARPing, but I have to give a shoutout to all the wonderful players who made Saturday such a great first experience. At first, I felt somewhat intimidated by how well everyone played their characters. Even the other newbies seemed to have put a lot of time into the details of their character and costume (both things I had thrown together a couple hours before arrival). I was so surprised at how welcoming everyone was. People really took the time to get to know my character, even more than I knew her myself! I found myself really drawn into the story and the drama, and i loved the details that the administrators put into the story, costumes, and props. There was a true sense of camaraderie, and I really look forward to seeing everyone again soon.

Some top highlights include:

1. Exchanging stories and making friends with Dorin, an expertly played Dwarf who Trouble will always know as Dragon
2. Skeletons. Waves and waves of skeletons, and having WAY too much fun in the mud.
3. Listening to Hero sing sad songs for the dead after Saturday's Boss Battle, and finding myself truly sorry over the characters that had died as if i had truly been in a real battle and seen friends sacrifice themselves
4. Watching masterful bellydancing from a certain sneaky Djinn
5. Drunk 13 year olds?? Helll YESSSSSSSS. AWESOME acting on that one Dani :)
6. Giggling with River Sprites and chasing everyone out of the riverbed
7. Having deep conversations with a certain Plane-traveler about his past adventures
8. Having people catch me as i fell to heal me
9. Constantly being lifted up after falling. I've never felt such a strong sense of teamwork as I did during battles. The healers were fantastic, especially Neptune's quick drumming.
and last but not least: 10: Having characters care enough about me to call out after battles to make sure i was alright.It blew my mind that people were actually worried about ittle old 1 level me.

Anywho, none of you lovelies get too comfortable! I have a feeling Trouble will be finding you real soon, and be impossible to get rid of. ;)
 Post subject: Re: September Highlights 2018
PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2018 11:16 pm 

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I had a very nice event.

I enjoyed seeing people shaking off their "i am wet and kinda hot and somehow also cold" feelings to have a great time with each other.

I like the new rules about healing. I liked how the npcs were clearly more easy to fight in a 1 on 1. I LOVED having a quarter master in the Inn.

Lots of great looking garb out there this weekend, it is really nice to see that it keeps getting better also.

New market hour NPCs with their own bags and cards :shock: :D :shock:

The plot line was very cool and well crafted, it made the native orcs looks like a very cool playable race (hears hoping one day)

The wonderful Dwarfness of the PCs,npcs, and plot line.
 Post subject: Re: September Highlights 2018
PostPosted: Thu Sep 13, 2018 12:27 am 
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SO I have been meaning to post my highlights for a few days now but I have been busy working on the pictures and accounting.

But now that I have time to really reflect on this past event, I just can’t stop smiling. It really was so great to be back in the saddle after the summer break and I really hope we can keep this momentum going.

So in no particular order, some of my favorite moments.

The entirety of the dwarf mod! I am sure it is no secret that I love dwarves. I was stoked to work on this mod with Pete and Josh. Getting to tell more of the lore was great. Josh did an awesome job playing the stubborn and honorable undead warrior. Applejack did a great job taking down all the info. And DURIS OMGWTFBBQ amazing dwarven warrior woman I can’t contain my glee at how amazing you look and act. Chris’ new character who’s name I didn’t catch was great on this mod too. There was a lot of important Alfar lore too and it was sweet to have one to get the info and make the whole “sworn allies” instead of “sworn enemies” a tangible fact.
Magma-bending. Get on my level.
The after effects of the mod was great too. Bringing the Writ Idol into the inn was very satisfying. I just wish my other 3 dwarves had been there. :(
Making Edana tear up as I relayed the info we learned.
“Hey everyone, Edana has feelings”!
“Yeah. Rage, irritation, contempt, malice….”
And oh yeah, Smith lessons with Asriel.

Nega Hakon.

Djinn corner was fantastic. I am sooooooo happy to see this happening. I wish I had gotten to be Nazeem more and just chill there with everyone.

And for that matter, all the new players this event were freaking great.

Helping to marshal the Wry mod was pretty darn cool. I had been looking forward to this mod all month.
Thriving off the frustration of the players putting together the 3d gem puzzle. Muhahaha. And then getting to play the scratching, crawling, jumping and all around unnerving crystals. Endless entertainment.
The hilarity of the marble golem bursting into loot and everyone fighting their gut reaction to dive on it. And then the one item card wafting down to land gently in Praedyth's open hand….Hahahaha.
The amazing RP of everyone struggling with their conscious to leave Jake’s NPC. He did such an awesome job pulling everyone's heart strings. Getting to see the faces of people as his comments got specific. That is what RP is all about.

Being Lilly is always a treat. I love that a character with such a dark origin, is now the monthly comic relief. Having Sophie, Kaylie and Trouble get her drunk was hysterical. And then later when Basil lied and said all the booze was gone. Hahaha. And the Coconuts are the best. Scolding them like my imaginary friends will never get old.

I wish I had gotten to be out and see more. But Every moment I did see rocked.

Can’t wait to make pretend with everyone next month!
 Post subject: Re: September Highlights 2018
PostPosted: Tue Sep 18, 2018 3:49 pm 

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It's been a few weeks but i feel i've had time to digest the event and remember the parts i loved the best (besides all of it)

having the quartermaster always on hand is a huge improvement.

having done both 'empty' healing and fixed healing, I think that both are great and both have their place in-game. Which brings me to...

Lyrikar! I had fantastic time playing this viking Alfar, and immediately stumbling into some lore on the dwarf mod was pretty rewarding. He will be watching the exploits of the town and chronicling the heroic deeds of you all...

More about that dwarf mod, it might easily have been among my favorite mods. The scene was set perfectly, Josh was amazing as the dwarf lord, and the fight was absolutely crazy. Heiro's sword turned to lava, everyone fighting hard. At one point i think i had no shield or weapon, so that was interesting. Really cool mod!

I super loved the spider mod, too. crawling through those webs and having them stick to me was simultaneously awful and amazing.

main mod was absolutely nuts. such a chaotic battle! The lights and theatrics were very impressive. Sorry you died, Pradeth and Gorhak, I wasn't fast enough guys.

If you saw Goodyear and I out there as merchants, I hope you had as much fun as we did with that. Thanks for your business!

can't wait to see everyone in October!

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 Post subject: Re: September Highlights 2018
PostPosted: Wed Sep 19, 2018 2:17 pm 

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Sorry for getting this up late, I’ve been busy lately.

As always I had a great time with everyone, you are truly some of my favorite people in the world. The mods were great and the food was awesome. All the new (and newer) players were really great, I hope to get more of a chance to interact with you all next month.

My two favorite mods were the dwarf mod, all the atmosphere and costuming was top notch, the lore was neat and that fight was something to see. And the vault of Wry, I love puzzle and problem solving mods, (although 3-d puzzles can be rough). I’m glad we got two more idols (Writ and Stalk) I believe that just leaves Puck and Ire, assuming the idol of Brume is where it belongs. The main mod was really cool, even though we took some losses we prevailed against tough odds, with a good plan.

I'm sorry I missed some of the merchants during marketplace, but Valarie's faun obake looked great and really worked well for an alchemical ingredient merchant.

Really looking forward to seeing everyone next month.

Mike Beam
(Basil R. Honeywell)
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