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 Post subject: September 2018 Special Announcements and Reminders
PostPosted: Fri Sep 07, 2018 2:35 am 
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Ok Dearies,

We have a few special announcements to make before the event. We'll also be going over these at opening ceremonies.

Opening ceremonies:
So we have all been to a game with the hour long opening ceremonies. Ours aren't that bad, but do we all really need to see Josh and Zach yell at each other for the umteenth time during the safety overview? (Well, I mean you might but….)
So. Moving forward, any of our standard monthly stuff, we will cover in a new player specific orientation which will be held in the Inn about 30 minutes before lay on. Lay on is optimistically sometime between 9pm and 10pm. So shoot for between 8:30 and 9 to for new player orientation. Here Josh will go over all of our safety rules and answer any combat questions new players may have. Old players are welcome to attend if they feel they need a refresher.
Moving forward, opening ceremonies will just be used for very brief staff introductions (since not everyone will be around for the new player training), OOG announcements and any IG announcements.

Healing and NPC damage:
Over the break, staff and crew have been talking about how to bring the power scale of the game back down a bit. Our NPC numbers have been getting pretty high and that was never our intent. There are a few factors that go into this but the big one we want to focus on is something we are calling “empty healing”. This is when a healer begins to channel healing before they have an intended target so that when they get to 10, they can just tap the closest PC with it. While this is not technically wrong because we have never specified it as such, the original intent of channel healing was for the 10 second count to be spent channeling the heal into the specific target the whole time. Kind of to rp and symbolise the fact that your spiritual energy is knitting the wound shut. The cost here is time instead of effort.
So with that being said, we are considering making this a permanent rules change for the 2019 season. But what we want to do first, is make players aware of it so that they can try it out, play both ways, and give us feedback. We don’t just want to change something major on you in the middle of the show.

The second thing affecting damage scaling is players not taking their blows. We really hate to be the bad guys and say it here, but it is crucial for numbers balancing. If some players aren't taking their blows, then mods we thought we wrote to be hard end up looking pretty easy from our end. So next time when we write a mod we crank it up a bit. And the cycle continues.

But with all that being said, we are still going to be dialing back the numbers on our end and instead try implementing mechanics to raise or lower difficulty.

Staying IG:
That is the goal right? This is a RP game. So let’s make sure we are RPing. When we are around, we always see good RP, but we can’t always be around. So if you see some players talking OOG, take it upon yourself to engage them with some RP. We always want to be the game that encourages good behavior rather than reprimanding the bad. Be the RP you want to see. Try to find an IG way to keep yourself busy during down time. Draw, knit, play some games. Stuff your character might do. There are also creative ways you can say OOG things in game. My favorite is still “Oh, I love your shoes. Where did you get them?” “I ordered them from this shady merchant named Eh-bai (ebay).”
Lastly, if you find you just can’t wait any longer, and you NEED to talk about the new WOW expansion (or whatever the kids are into these days) then please, step away.
Obviously emergencies are excluded here.

This is just a reminder that a red headband symbolises “non combat”. Be sure to not physical hit these players with boffers. And if you are non com, we ask that you please wear a solid red headband. Bandanas and hats can be misconstrued as costuming.

NPC Training:
Everybody wants to be the kind of NPC they would like to fight right? So at the begining of each NPC shift, the marshal on duty will be doing a quick refresher on the best practices for NPC’s. It is not long. We promise. And if you are on shift and your marshal forgets or you just missed it, please remind them to brief you. Thanks.

This is a reminder for players to add their starsign to their sheet after the draw the card at game. I have noticed a lot of people don’t have it plugged in. If I remember to look at sign in, I will remind you. But if not. Just do it. Lol.

OK I think that is everything. If not, I dunno….

Just remember we love you. You rock. We’ll see you at game.
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