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 Post subject: November Highlights 2018
PostPosted: Mon Nov 26, 2018 8:00 pm 
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 Post subject: Re: November Highlights 2018
PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2018 3:06 am 

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This was easily my favorite event so far! Aside from the thrill of getting to know a new campground, I felt like I got to explore the world of the story-line even more.

Top Moments
- the excitement of seeing the new evolution of the Djinn tent come alive!
- having loads of fun hanging out and getting ready in NPC
- getting to play Lael which was a massive honor and really fun role to step into
- feeling the immersion of the round-table meeting with the allies and seeing the unbelievable costuming staff put together!
- ending up going to sleep at 4 because the night had been filled with so much to experience and enjoy!

- getting the chance to have tea and get better acquainted with so many other characters
- dashing in and out of the rain and feeling like the mist had really come from another world
- feeling like I'd made some new connections with players as well as deepened others (both staff and players alike)
- playing chess with the General (and even just seeing Jamie play the General was amazing!) even though we never saw the conclusion
- playing chess with Applejack and having a fantastic time hanging out in the tent!
- dinnertime jokes and watching a creature vomit up a bone at Ginger
- getting to wyelcome people to the bahthroom with Ginger
- watching the unbelievable main mod at the end of the evening (seriously, the roleplay, fighting, costuming, sounds, everything about this was intense and captivating!)
- hearing the incredible stories of the journeys and adventures the players had ventured into the cold and rain for

I can't express enough what this event meant to me. From roleplay opportunities, to positive feedback, and feeling a genuine sense of belonging in this awesome world that's been created, I've come away from this weekend knowing that I have a safe, exciting and welcoming home with this larp.

Can't wait for what lies ahead!
 Post subject: Re: November Highlights 2018
PostPosted: Wed Nov 28, 2018 9:17 pm 
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I had a great event as always getting to run and play with everyone. It's a lot of hard work, but good players make it easier.
I had lot's of fantastic moments.

The hall of the 5 nations was great Friday night! So many different costumes and characters. It was a huge undertaking and it totally payed off. Pete and Val looked so great. I really felt the awe at their reveal. Even though I knew what was coming and had seen them before.
I enjoyed revealing the *not so secrete* fact that Menira is royalty. All the RP that followed that was great.
I will always treasure making Wolfgang blush while discussing the intricacies of the dwarven female beard.
All my interactions with Flint were fantastic as always. Spencer did a great job of capturing dwarven stubbornness. I wanted to want to stop you from talking to the king, but I more so wanted to see what was going to happen.
Getting to sit in on an info session was fun. It's nice to see what the players have right and wrong.
I also really loved the RP between Brittany's mungo and Jake as the Rex! I was so glad I got to see that RP. I hope others enjoyed it as much as I did. It was hard not to laugh sometimes.
I am bummed I didn't get to interact with all the other race NPC's that we sent out.
Saturday I enjoyed seeing the oooo's and aaaaah's at Nazeem's wondrous items! I think the raffle was a success! Hoping to be able to do a few more next year.
Speaking of Nazeem, the (what felt like) 30 seconds I got to spend in the tent were like a serious highlight of my event. I felt so bad that I couldn't stay longer. And also that I was so brain fried while I was there. But Tashka and Ginger were so understanding, and even delivered my tea when I had to leave before it was done. It might have actually saved my life. <3
Also speaking of saving my life. A goddess descended upon me with grilled vegan cheese and I cried real tears of joy.
I also really enjoyed handling the crafting mod. It was a huge undertaking but I think it payed off, at least, I hope it did. It was cool to see all the crafters pulling their efforts for fill the orders, even after they obviously weren't given enough stuff. I saw a lot of good rp all throughout that.
I also enjoyed being around to QM more. I missed doing it. I should have more time in the future. Hopefully.
Celebration mod was a blast! Fuji falling on his face was priceless! Flint slurping up the spilled "ale" was hilarious. And Djonah spilling his drink in front of the king. LOL!
Bard circle was super great as always. It was cool to see Joe rocking out this time.
Oh and getting to watch main mod. Man. Jake looked terrifying. And josh looked like a power metal Uberchaun! It was intense. I think Jakes primal horse shrieks will haunt my nightmares forever!
There were so many mod's that I wish I had gotten to see go off, like the skald mod, or the dragonfall one but I heard great things about them.
I feel like there are a ton more moments. They will no doubt come to me later.
Looking forward to working on next year!
 Post subject: Re: November Highlights 2018
PostPosted: Sun Dec 02, 2018 12:33 pm 
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321 Lay-On! Podcast: Frontier Dawn Season Finale Event Recap! (links below)

Joseph Gaffney, Evan Ruby, and myself, with special guest Josh Yoder recap the November Event on our LARP podcast! Listen as we try to express what a great time we all had and why we love going out in the cold and rain with awesome people at this game. Thank you so much for listening!

Also if you listen... You may learn a little insider information straight from the mouth of staff about exciting stuff for next year!

Check out Frontier Dawn at


IG: Tuknar & Disco Barrus
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