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 Post subject: March 2017 - Prologue
PostPosted: Wed Mar 22, 2017 2:49 pm 
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Out of the Mist:

As I am writing this entry I look upon a new hope for this expedition.

Just a month ago I felt my timzy slipping, I felt myself giving way to the sorrow that surrounded me. I was faced with so much heartache. Our ship was torn apart by these fish like creatures, due to an old mysterious journal page found, we have learned they are called Mukkins, the supplies ravaged by a Wyvern, we were poisoned by spiders, and that was just the first few days.

Then the Mist cameā€¦.

A foul otherworldly fog that carried undeath with it. Every night for months the undead would crawl out of the Mist to destroy our camp and to drag us into their unholy shroud.
This was when I first learned of this land's ability to allow the dead to come back to life, after watching a Wyrmkin die right in front of me, only to rise again whole and alive.
We barricaded ourselves in the Inn in hopes of refuge, but once the barricade gave way our shelter became a tomb; the undead crawled over the surface like spiders fleeing a nest.
I said a prayer to Solace and Trance and held my hand on my heart.

Then, at the darkest hour they came!

A new ship of settlers had arrived, their armor piercing the night like a lighthouse during a cruel rain storm. We fought and beat back the Mist that night! And then we thwarted pirates, found an ancient tomb, discovered man eating plants and befriended the very spiders who first poisoned us.

We met a Mistwalker, a servant of the god Finis, who told us that the god of death and the Underworld is watching over this land, choosing to bring us back for a greater purpose. The Mistwalker lead us in a dangerous ritual to close a portal where the Mist was pouring out. After a long, hard-fought battle against grubbins and undead, we succeeded in this ritual and the Mist receded.

I write this entry from the safety of the newly repaired inn, as the sun is shining through my window. A bird I have never seen before chirps its last morning note before flying away. I hear a bell ring out in the distance. A new ship arrives, with new Settlers. A sense of hope and admiration washes over me.

I truly feel like this is a new dawn.

From the pages of Nigel Wanderfoot
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