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 Post subject: Nov Beta Highlights
PostPosted: Mon Nov 07, 2016 5:33 pm 

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oh man, what an amazing and fun BETA test for the rules.

I had so much fun RP'ing with people and a single highlights post doesn't do it justice.

* "Blending in" with the pirates to find the stache of stolen goods, then re-un-stealing them.
* not believing people when they make outrageous claims about life and death.
* spot on archery
* Mind's eye
* Catching Nigel in a Hullabaloo!
* naming the inn "The broken Wheel"
* not committing murder in the name of science.

* blending in with a scared cub, and feeding her cheese.
* Everything about temple mod! Solving the riddle, hiding in the sarcophagus chamber to save people.
* Having that said saved people have to play dead every time someone new was added.
* starting the not being murder hobo's train with the spiders. then helping the spiders. THEN finding out that they helped the PC's on main mod! Awesome!
* Blending in with the mukkins and doin the "mukkin dance". Poor Vern got swallowed, but i got the loot.
* "you're the tallest bobbin i've ever seen!"
* the look on the smiths face when i told him that i didn't have the silver anymore.
* thinking out our actions and information so we don't un-knowingly do something bad.
* Faust
* "Who said VOTE!?!" -draws sword
* Feast and other foods were all amazing and delicious. so many things to choose from.
* Being a spider on Main mod, and seeing the look on people's faces when they realize that doing a good thing for the spiders rewarded them in the end.
* someone casts speak with animals on my spider..."hey, see them, G'em!" spider goes and get's em good.

Seriously an amazing weekend of larping, even if it was just a BETA to see the rules in action.

AppleJack Maplesong
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 Post subject: Re: Nov Beta Highlights
PostPosted: Wed Nov 16, 2016 7:38 pm 

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Guys I thought the event ran very well!
Good job all around!!!

That being said, it was a beta, so I have been trying to figure out where to send my comments. I guess here is as good a place as any.

1) AOEs - very difficult to pull off at any Larp, especially when done with a packet. The player / npc yells AOE and the players all kinda stop and look around like what did it actually hit. In the end the only one who probably took the damage was the person who got hit by the packet.
Recommendation - eliminate thrown aoes, sub it out for whirlwind effects where you whirl your weapon around over your head and anyone that is under it gets hit. Sorry only way I see that working.

2) Armor - armor need love, needs a bump. You want to promote armor and people wearing it. It adds to the look and flavor of the Larp. Having players walking around in full plate looks bad ass! Let's promote it and give them good benefits 8 /10 points for a full suit of plate sounds a little weak to me.
Recommendation - give point per each body part of armor. Chest, arms/hands, legs/feet, head/ helm. You can also give armor some extra bonuses if they get armor prof or something like that... point is promote the players wearing armor.

3) Out of game effects - blink, teleport, etc. things that take players out of game even for the shortest period of time ruin the flow of the game. Now you have to wait for the person to walk across the field to pop up there...
Recommendation - limit these type of spells

4) NPC shift - I noticed during NPC shift they were sending out groups for everyone in town. I think it would have flowed a lot smoother if you send out 2 groups with 2 different missions. You can even send the plot hook 2 times for people who missed the 1st time around. I think the smaller groups will be easier to handle as well as provide more fun for those in the back who might not see action in the bigger group.

That's if for now, please remember that this was just my .02
I really thing everything went well, just wanted to do my part and comment on the beta.

Aka - Rune Church
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