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 Post subject: October Highlights 2018
PostPosted: Mon Oct 15, 2018 12:42 am 
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 Post subject: Re: October Highlights 2018
PostPosted: Mon Oct 15, 2018 3:38 pm 

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Thanks everyone for making this weekend a dream come true! Patrick has been working on the story of the Anun for a while now, and I'm so excited to see it finally come to light.
Highlights in chronological order:
Congrats to Hero Cheddarmain on his second consecration, and baptism to Trance! I love hearing him sing, and I think Trance is a perfect fit for his roleplay.
I really enjoy playing so many different roles. I had so much fun as the mungoo Cryna! It was awesome to see everyone's faces as they explored the hall of the 5 nations, and learned more of the lore.
I'm so glad Pat's phone was found on Saturday morning, thank you Pete, and everyone who searched endlessly for it.
I had a ton of fun marshaling all of the mods in Anun lands. Seeing the players flee from the roar in the desert, solving the sandbox mod, and interacting with the khepara was so satisfying. I put a lot of love and effort into painting the Anun for the walls of the pyramid, and I'm so glad it paid off. The bubbles and jenga mod went really well too! Nice teamwork on keeping the acid at bay.
Main mod was probably my favorite. When I sat up, and Applejack looked at me and said "Did she just sit up?" I had a hard time keeping a straight face. Everyone made it a great fight! Cleansing the jars was a great strategy I did not expect, and really changed the outcome of the mod. And the roleplay with Hamgast, Applejack, and Reynard as they tried to convince Qua'Kosi Nefergala to stop fighting and let them leave was fantastic.
The lore sharing after everyone returned to Port Harmony was amazing! I wish I could have listened in on more of it, and I can’t wait to hear more about what everyone learned. I also enjoyed all of the side conversations with staff, as we discussed the repercussions of players actions, and how they will affect future outcomes.
I also always enjoy playing Astrid, and I enjoyed talking with Lyricar, Hamgast, Hakon, and Ceredin while I was out as her.
Another time I had to restrain my laughter was when Pollyanna kicked Ash out of the kitchen, and scolded him for trying to dissect Prisca. All of the roleplay after waking up was fantastic too, and I look forward to playing her more, and teach about Alchemy and Elixers. All of the players that spoke with me asked really good questions. Brody really got me with the emotion he showed as Osito, and I love how the story is unfolding between brother and sister.

I am so excited for next month! We look forward to sending you all off with a great season finale!

And now some of the music that ran through my head this weekend:

Quartermaster Septima, Raven Cleric

Captain Astrid of the Blue Horizon Exploration Company, Road Priestess

~OOG Tiffany AHC
 Post subject: Re: October Highlights 2018
PostPosted: Mon Oct 15, 2018 11:15 pm 

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This weekend was so much fun and really helped me find my focus and determine in what direction Tashka should grow.
It was also my first time RPing for the whole weekend (though I definitely missed playing with the NPCs!).

So for the main highlights:
- Opening the tea shop with Ginger and staying cozy in the new and improved Djinn corner
- Getting to know more people and their characters over cups of warm tea on cold evenings
- Having a fantastic time getting to know Nazeem, her ancestors/relatives, and feeling the Djinn connection on a new level
- Main Mod and getting to explore/scout the rooms and search for items (including snooping around with some of my favorite guild people)
- Getting paid to dance and feeling the appreciation
- RPing with a favorite merchant of mine who reminds me of the old world and home in the desert
- Meeting some new friends and working hard to start that fire
- I absolutely love every stealth mod opportunity where I get to be on a team with Fuji, Applejack and Nazeem (I love spending time with you all more than I can say)
- Getting to have a more in depth conversation about the shadows and understanding my next move (Thank you to both staff and players for helping with those clarifications!)
- The final mod and discovering the blood creature with my shadow family.

Top 3 Favorite RP Moments:
- The Tonys, you all were amazing and I'd love to see more!
- The old woman at dinner (I haven't laughed that hard in so long), she was an absolute delight and made my weekend!
- The glorious ceremony celebrating the three Warrior ladies!

I seriously can't wait for next month! I'm so pumped and ready to jump back into that world with everyone.
 Post subject: Re: October Highlights 2018
PostPosted: Tue Oct 16, 2018 12:40 am 

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Okay! So my highlights for the weekend include the following :)

- The Djinn corner ever and slowly getting better and better with each event! And the amount of joy it’s bringing people by existing.
- The three “Warrior Ladies” defending the tavern while all others were out on the main mod, and being worshipped by the “healthy” muckins later on and receiving their gifts. That was seriously unexpected and absolutely hilarious.
- THE OLD LADY AT DINNER. I have NOT laughed that hard in AGES. I seriously hope she comes back because I loved that interaction soooooo much.
- Some serious conversation with Reynard and consistently brushing off his advances for joining up in his group. Will Ginger ever come to a decision?! Bum bum bum…
- Pondering what the muckin translations meant with other characters in the Tavern and if “Unhealthy Muckins” means they could maybe be healthy again?
- Spending 82,000 years trying to start that fire! Then finally seeing it get started the next day and gracing it with Sophie’s Solutions!
- Nazeem channeling her ancestors and allowing us to speak with them! That was really cool and I hope to interact with her again!
- Basil deciding getting tea was way more important then defending himself against Robbers.
- Pollyanna saying Osito couldn’t possibly be a criminal if he was wearing glasses, because “How can you be a criminal if you can’t see what you’re doing?”

Another few OOC shout outs go to Pat being super understanding and allowing me to mini rant to him about how I was feeling and then taking those frustrations and completely swapping my experience on it’s head and allowing me to have a great time for the rest of the day! Shout out to staff for working so hard this time around.

Also huge shout out to Tea for handling the breaker situation so well and still being able to pump dinner out on time!!
 Post subject: Re: October Highlights 2018
PostPosted: Wed Oct 17, 2018 12:08 am 
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So not a game highlight, but I had a blast hanging out with Ty on Friday. He was a huge help. I really appreciated everyone who was able to come early or take a trip to the locker, especially since Josh was not there till later.

Getting to see Petezilla was awesome. Aiden did a great job on the fight and Mike and Collin seemed to really enjoy "testing" him. The moment when the Ingen finally died and fell dead on Praeydeth, who was also dead. They were just laying there on the ground and all you could hear was the whur of the fan in the costume.

I didn't get to see the wizards apprentice mod but I am glad I made the call to actually send out physical brooms and chair and dustpans instead of just npc's in tabards. I heard it went over well. Pete and I will always oblige with the comedic relief.

I also enjoyed starting Mukkintide while most of the PC's were still down at the hall of the 5 nations. I knew it was late but we needed to run the mod so I decided to just start it slowly while there were only 5 people at the inn. The town came back in waves so Josh and I slowly ramped up the intensity. It was fun to watch.

Let me just say, blocking out my morning specifically to get to spend time at the tea corner was easily the best decision I have made in a long time. As much fun a I always have running the events, rarely can I say that I really get to enjoy myself at an event. It was like being a PC again. The tea was great, the company was better. I am so thrilled to be laying down the foundation for something that I have been wanting to happening or a long time now.

Let me just tell you, Saturday was so weird. The juxtaposition of waking up in a cold cabin in the woods, being purple, then changing into a nice dress going to a country club, drinking prosecco, dancing the wobble, driving home, putting on my assassin garb, and then stabbing some ninjas was easily made for one of the strangest days of my life.

The ninja mod was fun. Very proud of Fuji.

All that being said, I think the best part of this event was the fact that Josh and I had complete faith in our staff to pull off an amazing event without us and they did not disappoint. Everything I have heard from both player and staff has been amazing and I can honestly say the worst part of the year is that I didn't get to see any of this amazing story that I have been hearing about and helping prepare for so long.

I am counting on you guys to tell me everything so I can experience the event vicariously through your highlights!
 Post subject: Re: October Highlights 2018
PostPosted: Sat Oct 20, 2018 3:56 pm 

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I think this may have been my favorite event so far, (and that’s saying something since every event has been great). It had all the elements I like best, lots of lore, lots of puzzles and lots of good RP. This group really has the best staff, best NPC’s and best players. On to the highlights.

NPC shift Friday night was fun, I always like hanging out with the other npc’s between mods. Really enjoyed playing Mantle on the hall of the five nation’s mod. I hope to get to play him again sometime. Getting to be in on the Juggernaught mod with Pete and Aidan was really awesome.

It was really great to see the Djinn corner keep growing and getting cooler. I love the idea, and how it was implemented. And I love Chai.

All the new and newer players, were really great. I can’t wait to keep playing with you all.

I can’t say enough about the main mod, I love how staff keeps raising the bar with such quality writing. I love how you aren’t afraid to break the mold and try new formats, I felt it really worked very well. The puzzles and the artwork was top notch. I loved the hieroglyphics and the tapestries on the main mod, and the map on the Friday night mod.

I liked the player interaction on the mod as well, different people with different agendas helped make it interesting.

I really liked the mod with Ash, Prisca and Osito as well. Having complex NPC’s that have shades of grey to them really make things fun.

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 Post subject: Re: October Highlights 2018
PostPosted: Sun Oct 21, 2018 12:38 am 
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I didn't make it out unfortunately but you can hear our podcast recaping Evan and Joe's event!

Links to our recap episode of the Frontier Dawn Oct 2018 event! Includes during event interviews!


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