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 Post subject: November Highlights 2017
PostPosted: Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:31 am 
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 Post subject: Re: November Highlights 2017
PostPosted: Mon Nov 13, 2017 8:43 pm 

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Wow what an event!

I came to a new larp with my wife and a few new larpers admittedly with low exceptions (nothing to do with anything i saw or heard I am just a bit jaded sometimes). But it quickly became one of the best events that Ive played in the last 10 years. :D

Right from the start at the entrance mod fighting side by side with our newly formed team leaving the shore to walk by star light to Port Harmony only to be set upon by strange green monstrous humanoids. (the fact that one was played by RL buddy that told me he could not make the event but showed up Friday night just to surprise us made it even better)

Steping into the tavern was like steeping into the star wars canteena. Strange and wonderful races were abound and ALL of them looked great and so did the tavern itself.

From there it is still kinda a blur of fantastic plot encounters and role play. There simply was not a mod that I did not like. But the combat and effects in the scarecrow mod was maybe my fav. Getting to see my wife's Pc kick that much butt to save me was wonderful to me.

I know I have so much more to talk about but I want to let the larp hang over die down a bit more first.

Thank you all for a great event.
 Post subject: Re: November Highlights 2017
PostPosted: Wed Nov 15, 2017 1:27 am 

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Honestly, it's taken me a bit to recover from the weekend. It feels like one big long rush and sometimes people bring up something I'd completely forgotten about, but was still so awesome. With that in mind, I've got some shout outs I really want to make, though it's definitely not exhaustive.

-Edana's prayer circle. This almost felt like a mod itself, and I think it really brought to fruition the religious aspect of frontier dawn that's been slowly growing over the year.
-Honestly, everyone in the council. It's always really intensely interesting to see the in-game politics mirroring real-life politics, and all the current and former members always take it really seriously in-game, which can be annoying and difficult sometimes, but I really appreciate how immersive that makes our challenges feel.
-The friendly neighborhood nope-spider(aka sketten) stopping by to say hello and ask for a cup of whoop ass. I completely agree with Pat, that it was priceless when Kalila responded with, "Yay, friends!" and I simultaneously drew my sword and was like, "Oh no! Not in my house!"
-Playing metal gear solid brigands and laying down ambushes for the PCs. I'm sorry to Dani that it took so long, but for someone who relishes stealthy combat, it was delicious.
-What will forever go down in larp lore as The Commando Raid on the Spirit World. Staff gave us a serious challenge, and everyone stepped up to that challenge and operated like a well oiled machine. In case you didn't hear, we had 30 minutes until we died. We completed it in 12.
-Everyone who told me I did a good job as battlemaster. When you're doing it, everything just kind of feels like you're running around playing whack-a-mole, or plugging your fingers in a dike, and worse, you're yelling at people; sometimes positively bellowing and cursing at them. After all that tension hearing from people that they appreciated what I did makes me feel really confused, but also a bit relieved and slightly proud.

Honestly, it's been a couple years and a couple of larps since I really felt I could dig into a game and really whole-heartedly enjoy it, and there are some minor things that could yet be improved at FD, but I'm glad I'm here, and my hat's off to staff for an amazing first year.

-Shinryu, Priest of Finis & Acting Battlemaster of Port Harmony
 Post subject: Re: November Highlights 2017
PostPosted: Tue Nov 21, 2017 3:21 am 
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I really appreciate the people involved in this game from the dedicated and crazy talented staff to the awesome players. I have been struggling lately with mild/moderate depression, probably longer, but it has really come to light recently, a couple weeks prior to the event. I mostly only bring it up as an explanation for not being quite as enthusiastic or social this event. But I want to say some highlights because although I did let some of that stuff get in the way more than I wanted it to, I was able to enjoy some great moments this last event.

As I kind of mentioned before the real highlight of any event are the people. The staff just seem like some of the best people I know and it's always great working with them and going on their adventures. They always make sure to ask if we are enjoying ourselves and having a good time, which I think is the proper attitude of anyone running almost any organization least of all a LARP. I don't know if it's luck or fate, but everyone that plays this game seems to be just the right style of larper I enjoy playing with. Like they have great characters they've created and are great to roleplay with and to fight along side, but also don't take it too serious all the time and don't mind us being casual here and there.

Ok enough fluffy stuff. Talking to The Gentleman via Armon (the Great)'s ritual was really cool. They did a great mod with the effects on that mod for anyone that missed it and I'm excited to see how that comes into play later. Right after that I had yet another near death experience that I was already prepared to see what would happen next, in an accepted my fate kind of way, when I was unexpected rescued last minute in the Umbra (sp?). That whole mod was pretty neat. There were a lot of encounters and spells/effects (even though they were negative effects) that lead to some fun roleplaying actions. I like when the marshal or npcs give a little direction but was vague enough that it was left up to you to decide what was going on or how it played out, like when we were all stunned after curing Brittany's character and the effect had a description to it. Or when we were unconscious but it was a nightmare effect. Fighting the mutated people Saturday morning was a good lesson of what happens when you go in a little unprepared and how things turn south quickly. I meant to look up the distance I ended up running after being feared away starting to run back then turning around to run back to the tavern to get healers after Kyra was the only one left alive.

I always enjoy npc'ing a lot. The staff come up with great mods and give really good direction in my opinion. So I like being on "their side" so to speak. The timed mod through the spirit world and playing lost souls was pretty fun. I hope we created the right kind of atmosphere and challenge that was intended.

The speech before the final battle was really epic and the big "reveal!" (no spoilers for those that missed). The final battle was pretty crazy but in a good way. I definitely had a sense of "I'm not sure if this is going well or not... seems like not" the whole fight. Which I think is probably the goal for a fight like that.

Thanks to everyone in involved for a great time these last few months! It has been really great for me to feel a part of something like this. Can't wait for the next event!

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