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 Post subject: October 2017 Event Highlights
PostPosted: Mon Oct 16, 2017 6:37 pm 

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Oh man, what an awesome event. The dark skies and rain were a perfect mood setter for whats happening in game. I had an amazing time RP'ing with people.

Thanks to Mike U for all his hard work on the feast, those soups were outa this world good, and fresh bread made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

some of my favorite moments include:
Bill the fisherman's abject horror.
"you did a good job.....However"
"are the spiders you fight not real?"
trance alter mod.
Sellin drinks with Largo.

and so many more, but i'm to tired to remember them.

Thanks staff for another wonderful event. I know you were short handed, but you pulled off another great event.

AppleJack Maplesong
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 Post subject: Re: October 2017 Event Highlights
PostPosted: Mon Oct 16, 2017 11:13 pm 

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My favorites:

-"A real spider?" "Do you fight...imaginary spiders??"
-"Largo, how do you feel about power?" "Oh, never touch the stuff."
-panna cotta.
-music time with Pepper. (And, "I'll be right back, keep it mellow out here." *shield-breaker arrives while I'm gone* "Pepper, I thought I told you to keep it mellow.")
-Applejack: "I would fight like you guys, but shields are too heavy." Various people propose creative solutions. Mable: "Or you could just work out so you can lift a shield." Kyra: "I'm a fire mage and I can't inflict a burn like that."
-undead mod - what an incredible fight. Adonna saved my life like a hundred times. And we got to see my favorite mistwalker again.
-Bill the fisherman's reaction to news of what he called the "abject terror" and Ceredin going, "Bill, a year ago we were all you."
-late night Saturday with the djinn caravan, Uncle Miguel's dance party, and bobbin horror at Fae Blood Orgies.
-"Aww, we shouldn't have gone to bed so early Friday, we missed that mod and we worship Trance." "We worship Trance during the day." "Daytime gods: Solace and Trance. Nighttime gods: money and bitches."

<3 Liz/Mable Maplesong
 Post subject: Re: October 2017 Event Highlights
PostPosted: Tue Oct 17, 2017 1:46 pm 
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I'm going to try and actually do highlights, even though I just want to share everything that happened because it was an incredible weekend of LARPing.

The biggest highlights were spending time in the Inn, the two times I almost died from two different giant beasts, and NPCing things that don't really talk so it was easy to ham up every other aspect because of that.

Talking with the other players, jamming in the drum circle, and singing songs was an awesome experience. Being very introverted, I'm finally feeling comfortable enough to interact and roleplay more. It's really cool to hear what's going on with the settlement, makes it really immersive. There are so many interesting characters people have created. Hearing their stories is always a great time.

The beginning of the first Obsidian encounter was really cool. I was getting for real concerned when people were getting snatched up. Despite technical difficulties with the mob prop/costume it was a great encounter. Even when we all laughed about what was happening in the middle of battle was nice. Everyone seemed to understand and still really enjoy themselves. The second time we faced it was one of the most memorable gaming moments I might have ever had. When Gaius blew the whistle and the Obsidian's eyes lit up and we heard the roaring from up the hill it was pretty epic. The fight was really cool that there were smaller adds to deal with while those with the ice weapons took on the Obsidian. Toward the end I was trying to tank the beast and he got me down. Out of game I figured it would move on to take more pcs down, but then it climbed on top of me making chomping sounds and I was thinking "Oh s***!... well at least this is a cool way to go..." right then is when it went down and someone raced over to heal me. I got up and was thinking "... that was awesome..."

Later when the shield breaker came into our base, I almost got stomped to death. Luckily Nep was there to lifegrip me (grasping winds) away before its foot smashed me to pieces. Roleplaying and storytelling are great, but at least for me, big mob fights like those ones are hard to beat (pun intended) when it comes to LARPing enjoyment.

This was my first full weekend at FD so finally got to NPC. We ended up playing serpos, yum-nums, and mind controls humanoids all morning. It was actually just what I needed to get out of my head and just have fun playing beasties and things you don't have to worry about what to say. Props to those that do that and do great at it, but after a really busy few weeks, a long drive and staying up till 4am fighting mukins, it was perfect for me.

The costumes and make up this weekend of npcs were beyond amazing. When we walked up and saw Josh and Dani as Saurians I almost couldn't believe it. And I told Josh, Gaius Hexenblade is now one of my top favorite npc characters of all time. Just dug his style, look, the way he talked, his monster hunter/research work he was doing, talking crystals. Well done! Hope to meet him again.

So huge thanks to staff and npcs for making a great weekend and to everyone getting into character and kicking dino butt!

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 Post subject: Re: October 2017 Event Highlights
PostPosted: Tue Oct 17, 2017 4:13 pm 

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I always struggle with finding specific highlights, but as a general highlight I'd like to say that I loved the fact that a lot of this event allowed for a focus on personal roleplay, which sometimes seems like it gets put to the wayside with everything running at once. It didn't feel like there was any sort of pressure to speed up any of my character interactions, and it felt a lot more like genuine interaction.

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