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 Post subject: September 2017 Event Highlights
PostPosted: Wed Sep 27, 2017 10:22 am 
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I was only able to attend Friday evening of the actual event, but had the whole day free so arrived early to help with set up.

This was certainly a highlight for me to spend some time with the awesome people that staff this awesome game. And Josh did not over hype the buffalo fries at Billy's Burgers.

This was our first full event for our group of friends. It was awesome to finally see the settlement come to life. The new player mod set the tone really well for getting us there and making it memorable. I was cracking up most of the time listening to Josh and Joseph RP on the way to start the encounter. They weren't even making jokes necessarily, they just RP'd their characters really well.

The ghost pirates were really cool to encounter. The makeup and costumes were crazy good. The Npcs did an awesome job of bringing the scallywag specters to life too (pun intended).

Was up early that day and had to leave in the morning, so when to bed "early". Was finally settled in when I heard some cultists outside the cabin. Was too tired to see what was up, but still thought to myself that this is the kind of stuff that makes LARPing so much fun and come to life. Even when you think you're done for the night, the unexpected happens.

Looking forward to finally attending a full weekend event in October! Glad I only have to wait 3 weeks this time :)

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 Post subject: Re: September 2017 Event Highlights
PostPosted: Wed Sep 27, 2017 4:21 pm 

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Ok so sadly I missed most of the beginnings to Friday night. The pirates were ridiculously fun and Kalila got her first encounter with Nightshade (she's a tad freaked out by him :P ). The npcs constantly showing up around the campsites (both at night for the cultists and day for the folk on the funky elixir) were challenging but not overly so and they didnt corner us which gave us a chance to get help. Dinner was amazing: not many people can say they had fresh rolled sushi at a larp. It was also fun to be kidnapped by Thphonia. That's right, Kalila was the sacrifice on the main mod altar. Thank you to everyone for getting her back- even though I'm not sure if fighting her and the sharks and cultists were worth it (they were, and holy it was an awesome fight).

I would also like to point out that our players have some great acting abilities as there was a "confrontation" after main mod and since I was on the side and didnt realize it was IG, I was truly confused and flabbergasted XD. The Sketis fight (aka Fae Nope Spider) was hard with the few people we had, but we managed to make it work~! It was nice to see the Woadan walking around and not melded with the trees.....even if he looked like a drunken toddler and almost had half the town ready to attack him XD

The other mods like the Mungo and the "where in the world is Jacar?" left us with way more questions than we knew what to do with and I hope they get answered soon cause Kalila is now training a little girl on primal stuff and it may end badly- she melded with the tree perfectly, but who knows from this point on. Can't wait for the next event~!

(On a side note, I kept having insects like leaf hoppers and moths landing on my clothes and staff as well as had a tiny black snake on the path try to hide under my boot on the way to the Mungo mod. I don't know how you guys trained them to go to "Nature Lady", but they did.... and it was awesome. ;) )

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 Post subject: Re: September 2017 Event Highlights
PostPosted: Tue Oct 03, 2017 2:11 pm 

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Loved seeing old and new players/characters. After the summer break and missing the Gentleman's Challenge, it was wonderful to be back!

I'm having trouble coming up with a list of specific highlights this time - it was a much less light-hearted event for me than most have been, and with far less time for sharing food and asserting the superiority of bobbin culture. ;)

Staff put on another great event, as always. Thanks to everyone who RP'd with me in any capacity this weekend - I love hanging out in the woods with you all, and although of *course* I want Mable's fun side back soon, it was really cool to explore the more serious parts of our town, from council meeting(s), to discussions with Praedeth by the glowy rock, to the big "confrontation" Tiff mentioned Saturday night.

Looking forward to the October event.

<3 Liz (Mable Maplesong)
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