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 Post subject: June 2017 Event Higlights
PostPosted: Sun Jun 11, 2017 11:09 pm 

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Here's mine:

-Meeting the Mungu (sp?)
-Getting dragged into the most horrible place ever with Yoshi and Praedeth.
-Getting to meet the other Mable--whom we've renamed Mimolette to keep us apart. I have absolutely no idea how we're going to get ourselves not-killed in this situation...but it's fun to be making progress!
-"Look at these three circles..." "Yeah, that's why they kicked me out of ritualist school. The first day, we were supposed to draw circles. They saw mine and they were like, 'Here's a sword, go home.'"
-Felicia's faust character. "You'll keep me alive if I know things? I know all the things." & "3% juice. 0% blood crystals."
-(summarized:) Suliman & Praxis: "We want to make a golem!" Mable: "Don't make a golem, because it could kill us all. But you can buy the schematic." *30 minutes later* Suliman: "Here's the schematic for the golem. I spent a gajillion crystals for it, because you said you wanted it." *facepalm*
-We have a counsel! Happy to have a government established with areas of expertise covered. It was also really cool to hear so many people lay out their ideas and priorities in the question-and-answer periods. We had a really strong pool of candidates and I'm excited to watch the town continue to work together.
-Ceriden's battle tactics for main mod. Groups seemed to work out really well--and turned out to be really important once we realized why we had the candles! Good thinking by Basil, Azreal, et al for making extra candles as well. Super helpful.
-Chill pre-fight singing with Hero.
-It-Who-Walks-In-Shadows, the rest of his shadow peeps, and all of main mod. Fantastic setting & fight.
-Sprinting across the dark battlefield to stop the killing blow on Von. "Killing blow one..." "NO!" *hopes someone will follow me*
-Applejack: "Appraise" Josh: "It's a decoration" Yoshi: "Sense Vile" Josh: "It's a decoration" Applejack: "Cold read" Josh: "It's a decoration" Phoenix: "Close Wounds" Josh: "IT'S A DECORATION."

I had a great time. Thanks to staff for running a fabulous show as always, the NPC's for bringing their A-Game and going-and-going-and-going, and to everyone I interacted with in game for the RP, the laughs, and the collaboration both in combat and in trying to figure out this crazy new place and how we should live in it. Huzzah for Port Harmony.

<3 Liz
 Post subject: Re: June 2017 Event Higlights
PostPosted: Mon Jun 12, 2017 12:03 am 

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- Telepathic Communication via nodding with Nigel to circle around the Stone Creature/Master
- "I cold read the Sun Statue..."
- "When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's Obake!"
- "Elections should be held like Epic Rap Battles of History"
- "Did you take an arrow to the knee?"
- Someone screaming out at the main mod "Their all around us man! Their inside the room!" like Hudson from Aliens

IC: Aladar, Scholar of the Blood and Shadow
OOC: Nick Vidakovic
 Post subject: Re: June 2017 Event Higlights
PostPosted: Mon Jun 12, 2017 9:16 pm 

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I really love how deep the world is. A layer of that got peeled back a bit this month. It was almost too much when the mungu came upon us after already trying to juggle an ashwalker and a wata. It was big-time, "Where are all the diplomats? You! Can you go quiz to that guy because he knows all the stuff we really need!" It's neat to be meeting some allies.

The grubbin mod on Saturday afternoon was the big highlight of the event for me. My hats are off to staff for being flexible enough to reposition the mod when it didn't go off the way they had planned. It always fills me with warm fuzzies when the town fights together to execute a well formed plan and it was delicious to spring that trap.

The way we fought during the ritualist mod was a low-light. We spread out and were disorganized, and in this larp with it's low HP, tactics matters a lot. That's not pinning it on anyone. Honestly, if anyone it should be pinned on me, as one of the people who had taken up battlemastering until we had someone elected. I liked some of the answers I heard from the candidates when I asked about it, so hopefully now that we have a dedicated person to always be thinking about how to best position us in dangerous situations we can be more prepared.

I was really happy with the elections. Before the grubbin mod their ambassador came in and wanted to talk to a representative of the town and I had to be like, "Umm... We're electing them today? Damm. Well there's no one else here, so I guess I have to." I also really want to see us organizing to grow the town very deliberately and not so much haphazardly and I think now that we have a small group of people to make those decisions we can finally do that. I'm pretty happy with everyone who got elected too and I know they're going to understand the responsibility they have.

It still sucks not getting picked. That's always a ball-kick to the ego no matter what, though I wouldn't say I'm upset about it. It was almost immediately that I was approached to be deputy archpriest. And with not having to focus as hard on the council it means I can devote time to setting up another important institution that I think will really help the town.

I always really love the fae mods. They're so creepy and atmospheric.

The ants were a neat way to end the night. I loved how the NPCs would just march and ignore us until attacked. Some larps might just throw out a bunch of people, tell them they're giant ants, and then have them act like any other NPC. Not here!

-Shinryu, Priest of Finis & Acting Battlemaster of Port Harmony
 Post subject: Re: June 2017 Event Higlights
PostPosted: Sun Jun 18, 2017 2:33 am 

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I loved meeting Taki, the mungo who laughed at my rash. I was thoroughly amused by finding out my diplomatic marriage is, in fact, cannon.I named him Nolnar. Fey mod and druid mod was amazing and only beaten by us all hiding to attack unsuspecting grubbin . The crew handled the heat very well too.

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